What we do

In Undabot, we offer a full range of services needed to run a successful digital project. The entire process is under our watch - we consult, design, develop, and maintain the processes at all times.

Digital Innovation System

Transforming great ideas into innovative digital products. Creating innovative digital projects through interactive workshops, sketching, prototyping, benchmarking and testing.

Market fit verification

Verifying ideas and prototypes on the real users through workshops with end users, prototyping with end users, testing with end users, testing.

Solution Design

Preparing the concept for development through functional & technical specification, use cases, user stories, acceptance criteria.

Web & Mobile Development

Creating the solution through developing frontend and backend applications, UI/UX design, Android and iOS applications.

Consulting services

Optimizing the solution as a response to continuous market changes through technology audit, app performance analysis, testing, functional and technical optimization.

How we work

There is no great technology without great people behind it. That is why we continuously invest in the professional development of our team, as well as in the development of the firm and friendly relationships with our clients.

We choose the right approach and methodology to approach individual projects.

Every step of every project is made with a goal to create outstanding solutions. First we understand people – our clients and their users, then we create products that fit their needs.

Analytic and creative approach in understanding and fulfilling client's specific needs.

We create cutting-edge digital solutions with end-to-end coverage.

Strong team of 60 experts with international experience.

Firm and open relationship with clients is essential for us.

Methodologies we use

Waterfall development

Waterfall development is a plan driven methodology suggested for the projects with clear and fixed time to market as well as short-term, smaller scope projects. It considers scheduling the project into different consecutive stages that require different teams and services. This approach reduces risks related to the project deadlines and increases accuracy of costs needed to develop certain software unit because everything is defined upfront.

Agile Development

Agile (Scrum) is more flexible in terms of project scope and deadlines - it offers an agile framework applicable for developing, delivering, and sustaining complex digital projects. The Scrum methodology is defined by roles, events, artifacts, and the set of rules. It is optimal for projects with a need for frequent changes.Scrum Teams are self-organizing and cross-functional - they have all competencies needed to get the work done without depending on others outside of the team. The team model in Scrum is designed to optimize flexibility, creativity, and productivity.

Custom Development Approach

Iterative process is a tailor-made methodology that is fully adjusted to the client’s project needs.