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  • AI models

    Integrate foundation AI models into your workflows and apps. We help you figure out the best approach to integration for your business case and develop the custom solution you need.

  • Functional design

    Start your custom development project by laying the groundwork. With functional design we create the base for all design and development processes of your project.

  • Technology consulting

    Make informed decisions in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We offer guidance throughout the development process, helping you optimize your solution and create impactful digital experiences.


How we do it


We established a process that allows structure and coordination while leaving room for flexibility and a custom approach that fits your organization. This is our full SDLC (software development life cycle), with all the steps we make to ensure the end product works excellently, down to the last detail.

Undabot Team at Research Phase of Web and Mobile Development
Undabot App Development Code
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    The main goal of the Discovery phase is to refine the client’s business ideas and figure out how to embody them in a single technical product. Once we set a clear goal, we precisely know what needs to be done to ensure the final product is complete, accurate, and of high technical quality.

    Undabot Team at Discovery Phase of Web and Mobile Development Project
    • Knowing what problem we’re solving is key, so we first define the task at hand.
    • Having the end goal in mind from the start allows for better understanding for everyone involved.
    • Design Sprint
    • Customer Survey
    • User Research
    • Design Benchmark
    • Ideation
    • Software Audit
    • Requirements Capture
    • Technical Solution
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    To make software attractive and user-friendly, we put aside our preconceived notions and try to understand the thoughts and needs of end-users. We adhere to psychologically-based UX laws and pay utmost attention to accessibility, usability, hierarchy, and consistency.

    Undabot Team at Design Phase of Web and Mobile Development Project
    • Empathy is king, and understanding users is essential.
    • UX laws are there for a reason, and we follow them through and through.
    • Information Architecture
    • Wireframing
    • Prototyping
    • Usability testing
    • UI Design
    • Motion Design
    • Implementation Oversight
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    We produce software that’s easy to write, read and maintain using proven technologies and a reader-focused development style. Every line of code is reviewed by humans following the four-eyes principle and also undergoes additional statistical analysis and machine review. Later on, special tools run through the code, thoroughly analyzing the software’s performance and stability.

    Web and Mobile App Developer at Undabot
    • Clean code = easy maintenance
    • We review till we reach perfection.
    • A deep performance analysis is a must for every software.
    • New technologies emerge daily, but battle-tested technologies always do the trick.
    • Quality Assurance
    • DevOps
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    We take care of the bespoke software by providing 4 flexible types of app maintenance (Corrective, Adaptive, Perfective, and Preventive), depending on the client's needs. Our QA team ensures there’s a structured approach to fixing bugs and problem-solving, as well as a transparent ticketing system. Finally, we integrate app health real-time reporting that allows us to act as soon as a problem arises.

    Undabot Office
    • The QA team is included in the project from the start.
    • Maintenance can be flexible and tailored to clients.
    • Thanks to app health tools with real-time reporting, we solve problems as they come.
    • Technical Maintenance & Support
    • Review Customer Feedback
    • Usability Testing

Our tech stack


The winning combination of knowledge and experience gives us the skills needed to create top-notch code, clean architecture and intuitive design. With a little help from the latest tools and methodology, of course.

  • Frontend
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • React
    • Vue.js
    • TypeScript
  • Backend
    • PHP & Symfony
    • SQL
    • NoSQL
  • Mobile
    • Android
    • Kotlin
    • Java
    • Gradle
    • iOS
    • Swift
    • Objective C
    • Crossplatform
    • Flutter
    • Kotlin Multiplatform
  • DevOps
    • Docker & Docker Compose
    • Kubernetes
    • Ansible
    • Terraform
    • GitHub Actions /GitLab Cl
  • Cloud
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Google Cloud
    • Digital Ocean
    • Firebase
  • Quality assurance
    • Selenium
    • Appium
    • BrowserStack
    • LambdaTest
Undabot Web Developer

What we did


Browse our previous work and see why our clients chose to work with us year after year.

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    Mobile and TV app for streaming

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