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One platform for increasing revenues, decreasing the costs of customer support and improving customer experience.

“I’ve heard great things about Undabot even before partnering up with them, and I can honestly say they ́ve been on point. Excellent quality of end product, never ending flexibility and truly “all-in” approach to our project are just some of the things I appreciate about our ongoing work together.”

Vedran Pezer, Sales and Digital CX Senior Manager, Telekom Austria AG

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A leading geolocation shopping iOS and Android app in Austria. Wogibtswas notifies users about the best nearby discounts.

“We absolutely loved to work with Undabot – they are professional, transparent and devoted to delivering the best possible solution, even for complex problems. I can highly recommend Undabot to companies that require mobile software development services and are looking for a partner which can cover end-to-end digital product development, give a fresh perspective and add value to their ideas.”

Markus Prinz, Head of International Business Development, Wogibtswas.at

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A leading classifieds Android and iOS app in Croatia, handling over 300,000 ads every month. It is so simple that users just keep on buying and selling.

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An iOS and Android booking app for a popular London hair salon, which manages most of their bookings, reschedulings and cancellations. Beautiful, fast and efficient.

“We knew exactly what we wanted from the get go and approached Undabot with a very specific set of requirements. Undabot procedures revealed incredible levels of attention to detail and a game-changing ability to anticipate additional angles. Their problem solving, flexibility and overall skill levels are top notch – truly outstanding value for money.”

Stroo Despot-Olofsson, General Manager

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Transforming great ideas into innovative digital products

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Verifying ideas and prototypes on the real users

Solution Design

Preparing the concept for the development

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Creating the solution

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Optimizing the solution as a response to continuous market changes

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We create cutting-edge digital solutions with end-to-end coverage.

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No matter how intelligent and self-sufficient technology becomes, there will always be a need for people who will make it work.
We are those people and that is the essence of our success.