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How much flexibility do you need? The best way for us to work on your project will depend on how much leeway you (want to) have in defining the project scope, timeline, and budget. We can adjust our game plan to fit the project type and involvement level you prefer - hands-off, feedback only, or providing us a steady stream of tasks and tracking delivery.

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    Dedicated team

    In this engagement model, a dedicated team of professionals will work exclusively on your project. You hire the team for a specified amount of time allowing you space to finetune the project scope and phases on the go. This is the best fit for large and complex projects, when it’s difficult to define the scope down to the finest detail, especially if you want the flexibility to adjust to market response, a shift in priorities, or scope realignment.

    • With flexible project scope and phases, we can adjust to changing requirements.
    • Faster project launch, with only high-level planning done at the start.
    • Your involvement is likely to be high, as we need streams of tasks and ongoing feedback from you.
    • Iterative methodology
    • Monthly payments
    • Transparent team costs
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    Fixed bid

    In this engagement model, all three - project scope, timeline, and budget are well defined. However, you have to be ready for detailed planning before project kickoff. Down to the nitpicking level.

    Undabot team planning the project
    • The contract defines the project in full detail and we carry the responsibility for the final delivery.
    • Any changes to the project scope, timeline or budget means the contract will have to be redefined.
    • Your involvement will initially need to be very intense, but after kickoff it dials down to zero.
    • Waterfall methodology
    • Minimized budget risk
    • Predictable outcomes
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    Time & Materials

    Rather than defining the entire project, we provide time and budget estimates for the specific tasks you request. This is a transparent, pay-as-you-go system, at your own pace. However, there’s no guarantee the resources required for the task at hand will be available when you need them, which may affect your time-to-market goals.

    Undabot team working
    • The contract typically defines hourly rates, and you don’t commit to a specified spend.
    • We will book resources for your project or tasks once the scope estimate is accepted.
    • Your involvement will need to be high when it comes to providing our team with a stream of tasks.
    • Works with both iterative and waterfall methodology
    • Low budget planning capability
    • Transparent costs
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    In this model, we provide the domain experts you need for a fixed period of time. The greatest advantage is you don’t have to recruit an expert you won’t need once the project is finished. However, this engagement model requires your full involvement in managing the team and the development process. To fully utilize your Undabot team members’ time, they will need a steady stream of tasks from you.

    Undabot team meeting call
    • We don’t define the project scope; we focus on providing the right expert with the right skillset for your project.
    • You have the sole responsibility of setting out the project requirements and making it happen.
    • Works with both iterative and waterfall methodology
    • Monthly payments
    • Transparent expert costs

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