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What guides us


These are the shared values that define the way we approach our work, how we collaborate and what we offer to those who join our team.

  • People first

    We work in IT, but we work with people and for the people. For us, cherishing each employee means providing a nurturing work environment where everyone gets the opportunity to learn, grow and feel good while doing the best work they can.

  • Teamwork

    Only by working together can we build something to be proud of. Humbleness, trust, open communication and willingness to help one another, regardless of achievements or position — that’s how we get the very best results. And it’s what makes the process enjoyable, too.

  • Work-life balance

    Various employee benefits; asynchronous, hybrid or remote work options; attention to resources and precise deadline planning — they’re all here to help us lead a truly balanced and accomplished life. The job shouldn’t follow you home, even if you work remotely!

  • Clarity

    Processes, roles and responsibilities are well-defined and clear to everyone. Transparent and honest communication is the foundation for constructive feedback between colleagues and the key to efficient communication with clients.

  • Quality

    We are always striving for the best, and know that aiming for uncompromising quality is vital for staying on top. The culture of excellence runs deep in the company, mirrored in processes, projects and relationships with clients.

  • Improvement

    From soft skills to tech-oriented education, each of us is provided with ample opportunity to improve continuously as professionals and individuals. And we’re never set in our ways! New ideas and trends (re)shape our processes and approach to projects, leading us to always implement best practices.

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Open positions

Open positions

We have high standards in what we provide to clients, and the same goes for our team.

Books in Undabot Zagreb Office
Books in Undabot Zagreb Office
A place to learn
  • Professional growth

    Our work offers room for growth, and we make sure projects are challenging — in the best possible way.

  • Guidance

    Support in taking on new responsibilities, structured onboarding, and mentorship on every seniority level.

  • Industry activities

    Meetups, workshops, and conferences let you stay up to date and make valuable connections in the IT community.

  • English classes

    IT-specific English groups to help you communicate with clients and the community easier.

  • Soft skills education

    Classes in listening, time management and other skills that help create a healthy workplace with a smooth flow of ideas.

  • Personal education budget

    You get an individual set budget for taking your knowledge to the next level.

Pet Friendly Undabot Zagreb Office
Pet Friendly Undabot Zagreb Office
Time for yourself
  • Flexible working hours

    We give you the freedom to choose when you want to work, as you set your own work hours.

  • Work-life balance

    Forget overtime. We respect the 40-hour workweek and make sure you get a comfortable number of free days.

  • Remote work

    As long as you get the work done, we don't mind if you stay at home with your pet.

  • Pet-friendly office

    Or you could bring them to the office — we have plenty of space for both of you.

Undabot Sport Activities
Undabot Sport Activities
Care for well-being
  • Healthcare

    You get a paid annual health check-up and 100% covered sick leave (up to 10 days per year).

  • Sports activities

    Circuit training, yoga, running clubs… Pick your activity with a fully paid Multisport card or join one of our in-house sports teams.

  • Bike parking

    If your ride comes without a roof, don’t let it get caught in the rain. We offer free bicycle parking.

  • Care for the future

    We enable contributing part of your salary to a voluntary pension savings fund.

  • Paid vacation for everyone

    Everybody deserves a break, so full-time employees and students get the same vacation days.

  • Fully stocked kitchen

    Stay healthy with fresh fruits, various breakfast options, snacks and drinks.

Work Life Balance in Undabot
Work Life Balance in Undabot
…And a bit more
  • Team activity budgets

    Each team gets a monthly budget to have fun and get to know each other in a non-formal environment.

  • Relaxed day-to-day

    Not everything is fun and games, but we cherish a friendly work environment where people feel supported.

  • Parent benefits

    Parents get additional vacation days and receive a welcome gift for their newborn. Come holidays, we hold special events for parents and kids and give bonuses to boost your present budget.

  • Financial incentives

    You get a referral bonus for each new team member you recommend, as well as a Christmas bonus.

  • Celebratory gifts

    We like to give a little something to mark special occasions.

Employee testimonials

Undabot at Teambuilding
“I could never imagine that colleagues could become a second family, but the Undabot team proved me wrong. No matter how hard life or work sometimes gets, it’s a blessing to know that there is a supportive team that always has my back. ”
Anita Zorko
Project Manager at Undabot

Student opportunities


If you’re looking for a place to start your career in IT, you’ve found it.

Undabot at .debug Conference
Undabot Student Opportunities
  • UB Masterclass

    Learn development methods that help you enter the labour market with an already advanced skillset.

  • Student fairs

    Meet us at job fairs, career weeks and student conferences and find out what more we offer.

  • Internships and student jobs

    Get hands-on experience working on different products from start to finish, all under the guidance of professionals with years of projects under their belts. After a successful internship, join us as a colleague in a student work arrangement.

  • Student lectures and events

    We hold workshops and lectures on various topics at colleges and conferences, online and in our offices.

  • Student competitions

    We regularly mentor students through student competitions.

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