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Excellence is in the people

We're solution-driven, highly adept and forward-thinking professionals with diverse skills and know-how. Our working environment is nurturing, supportive and flexible so that everyone can get a chance to further educate themselves and experience professional growth.

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Our values


We walk the talk — these values aren’t just something we believe in, they are something we live.

  • People first

    We work in IT, but we work with people and for the people. For us, cherishing each employee means providing a nurturing work environment where everyone gets the opportunity to learn, grow and feel good while doing the best work they can.

  • Teamwork

    Only by working together can we build something to be proud of. Humbleness, trust, open communication and willingness to help one another, regardless of achievements or position — that’s how we get the very best results. And it’s what makes the process enjoyable, too.

  • Work-life balance

    Various employee benefits; asynchronous, hybrid or remote work options; attention to resources and precise deadline planning — they’re all here to help us lead a truly balanced and accomplished life. The job shouldn’t follow you home, even if you work remotely!

  • Clarity

    Processes, roles and responsibilities are well-defined and clear to everyone. Transparent and honest communication is the foundation for constructive feedback between colleagues and the key to efficient communication with clients.

  • Quality

    We are always striving for the best, and know that aiming for uncompromising quality is vital for staying on top. The culture of excellence runs deep in the company, mirrored in processes, projects and relationships with clients.

  • Improvement

    From soft skills to tech-oriented education, each of us is provided with ample opportunity to improve continuously as professionals and individuals. And we’re never set in our ways! New ideas and trends (re)shape our processes and approach to projects, leading us to always implement best practices.

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What we did


Browse our previous work and see why our clients chose to work with us year after year.

  • Redesign of Showbuzz web portal 1

    Redesign of a lifestyle news portal

  • Cliq native mobile and TV app 1

    Mobile and TV app for streaming

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