A custom self-care app for one of the leading insurance companies in Croatia

Designing and developing a custom mobile app for Wiener meant creating a new digital channel for communication between our client and their customers ​​— one that combines the best of customer service and self-care.

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Wiener Osiguranje Mobile App Development 2
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Our services

  • Solution design
  • Android native development
  • UX/UI design
  • iOS native development
  • Backend development
  • SW architecture consulting
  • Project management

About app

Managing insurance on-the-go

Due to the lack of customer identity and authentication services within the existing client’s system, we had to design a new system that can also integrate present customer data. We created a custom backend application to connect Firebase and the existing client system, allowing us to preserve pre-existing data and functionality with the newly developed system.

This was the foundation for creating a truly custom mobile app that helps end users to buy their policies easily and on the go, while also encouraging them to take care of their health, all backed by better customer service.

Wiener Osiguranje App

Besides providing general info on Wiener products and direct access to their customer service, our goal was to create a bigger variety of options available to customers in-app. They can find an overview of their policies and voluntary health insurance cards, receive promotional messages, get notified of policy expirations, buy supplemental insurance policies and even book medical appointments.

All in one place, available on the go, instantly improving Wiener’s customer service and relationship with their clients.

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Wiener Osiguranje Mobile App Screen 2
Wiener Osiguranje Mobile App Screen 3


  • Wiener Osiguranje Mobile App In-App Purchase Option

    In-app purchase option

    Customers could finally buy health insurance and travel insurance policies for themselves or others.

  • Wiener Osiguranje Mobile App Features

    Easier health checks

    Customers can book medical appointments directly through the app.

  • Wiener Osiguranje Mobile App Communication Screen

    Direct line of communication

    Wiener can communicate with customers through direct messages and send them personalized offers, and customers can reach the contact center hassle-free.

  • Wiener Osiguranje Digital Card

    Digital health, insurance card

    After filling in user data, the app will generate a responsive digital supplementary health insurance card, which comes in handy while on the go.

Customer testimonial

Undabot Office View
Undabot Office View
Customer testimonial
“I was impressed with the flexibility of Undabot’s team, they consistently demonstrated the ability to adjust their work according to our internal system changes, as well as to our new project requirements.”
Zvonimir Pavić
Head of Business Process, Wiener osiguranje VIG d.d.
Undabot Office View

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