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Mobile application for easier notebook scanning

We designed and developed an innovative app that allows users to scan and share notes from their Lipa Mill notebooks in a simple and easy way.

W3 award, 2021 silver Winner
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Our services

  • UX/UI design
  • Android native development
  • Quality assurance
  • iOS native development
  • Project management

About app

Innovation in notebook digitalization

Lipa Mill’s product range includes school and office paper products, planners, notes, etc. All household staples, especially for those with kids. To help students adjust to the new remote way of attending school, we developed a mobile application that will allow everyone who uses Lipa Mill notebooks to easily scan and share written materials.

Lipa Mill App

The goal was to create an app that will allow users to scan, digitize, categorize and share their notes, drawings, recipes and anything else they might have in their Lipa Mill notebooks.

It scans all kinds of notebooks, but works best with SmartLines notebooks, encouraging Lipa Mill’s users to buy the special product line and use them regularly.

Lipa Mill App Process
Lipa Mill App Process

Employee testimonials

Lipa Mill Scanning Process
“Working on this project was both challenging and fun. Since the application is made for younger generations, we had to be innovative in finding a new approach to learning and studying. The client was involved throughout the project and together we created an easy-to-use, intuitive product.”
Ana Šeler
Lead Designer at Undabot


  • Lipa Mill Scanning Feature

    Better scanning

    The app allows automatic or manual editing of scans, saving scans to a folder and naming it, adding new scans to an existing folder.

  • Lipa Mill Shareable Content

    Shareable content

    Users can easily send content, either in a JPG or PDF.

  • Lipa Mill Automatization

    Automatic adjustment

    The app automatically adjusts the contrast and brightness of the photo.

  • Lipa Mill Digital Schedule

    Digital schedule

    Users can convert their analogue timetable into a digital, easily shareable schedule.

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