Employee mental wellbeing mobile app

Temple’s concept was to boost positivity and productivity through a gamified mental workout. Our task was to build a progressive web app to meet their business goals within a fixed timeframe.

Temple application meditation screen
Temple application inspiration screen
Temple application splash screen
  • Discovery workshop
  • Project management
  • UX/UI design
  • PWA development

Gamified wellbeing

Using a gamified approach to supporting employee wellbeing, with levels and awards, the Temple app guided users through a daily 15-minute mental fitness routine with a range of engaging practices. PWA was our technology of choice as it ensured a native feel as well as easy installation and deployment bypassing the Play and App Store publishing.

Woman meditating

Our client wanted an accessible product with a premium look and feel end users would love. The app we built hit all the marks: over 90% of trial users found the app accessible, welcomed the app being introduced by their employer and recommended it, requesting continued use.


  • Customizing user experience in employee mental wellbeing mobile app Temple

    Client customization

    We facilitated a company-specific instance and environment, with courses customizable by employers and easy installation via a link.

  • Gamified experience in employee mental wellbeing mobile app Temple

    Gamified experience

    Progress tracking and a reward system were the key elements of the multi-day course, supported by data collecting and analytics.

  • Push notifications in employee mental wellbeing mobile app Temple

    Push notifications

    Users could set up reminders for their daily 15-minute Temple courses.

  • Multimedia tools in employee mental wellbeing mobile app Temple

    Multimedia tools

    The app included a video and audio player and had built-in image optimization.

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Undabot Office View
Customer testimonial
“I found that the caliber of professionals at Undabot and the quality of the work produced were very high. The team working on the project worked very well together and was extremely collaborative. With Undabot's support, the deliverable has been terrific.”
Ben Wintour
Temple Co-Founder
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