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Mobile shop for a leader in skincare

We built a mobile shop that provides customers with a seamless shopping experience on iOS and Android phones for FOREO, a global brand of hi-tech beauty devices.

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Our services

  • UX/UI design
  • Android native development
  • Project management
  • iOS native development

About app

Innovative beauty-tech app

Using the Waterfall development method, we adapted the existing Foreo web shop experience to a custom app for iOS and Android mobile devices. Customers could now shop for their favorite skincare devices anytime and anywhere, and just in time for Black Friday, enabling FOREO to hit a spike in product sales.


“Clean code, smooth shopping experience” — that was the mantra for this project. Ensuring all customers could browse and purchase products on their mobile phones without any interruptions was a must for increasing sales and revenue for FOREO, and with some fantastic time management, we were able to finish just before the huge sales demand on Black Friday.

FOREO Products


  • FOREO Filter Feature

    Filtering and categorization options

    The product list screen equipped with search, filter, and categorization functionalities enables users to discover great products with ease.

  • FOREO Product Screen

    Product details

    Beautiful images and videos showcase all the best features of FOREO products.

  • FOREO Checkout Screen

    Efficient checkout and in-app list of orders.

    A complete shopping experience with a hassle-free checkout process and personal overview of prior and existing orders.

Customer testimonial

Undabot Office View
Undabot Office View
Customer testimonial
“In terms of using an external agency, working with Undabot was the best experience we’ve had so far. All aspects of our cooperation were amazing; the care and dedication exhibited by their UX/UI specialists, project management support, the intense and successful collaboration between developers, and the support of quality assurance processes.”
Franko Antičević
Technical Product Manager at FOREO
Undabot Office View

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