Solution design for a fleet management system and mobile app

A leading fleet management provider in Croatia, Mobile-4U, sought to maximize their investment in a custom core fleet management system and customer mobile app. We guided them through this critical phase by translating their business needs into technical requirements as part of our solution design process.

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  • Solution design
  • System requirement specification
  • Wireframes
  • Technical consultancy
  • Project management

Optimizing the investment down the road

As a provider of a wide range of fleet management services, from vehicle maintenance to annual inspections and registration, Mobile-4U needed an optimized core system that could seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise and external systems.
We rooted the solution design process in an in-depth analysis of requirements - business, technical, and architectural. The resulting outputs, including the software requirements specification (SRS) document and wireframes, provided a clear roadmap for the following development phase.

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The meticulous analysis and precise definition of requirements eliminated uncertainty for Mobile-4U. Our solution design process and deliverables ensured not only that the new custom core system and app would meet the business needs, but that the development phase would run smoothly. This translates to maximized ROI with faster time-to-market, predictable budgeting, and simplified planning for development and implementation.


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    Twofold approach

    Our team led by a senior backend architect mapped the business requirements, and a senior analyst took over the lead for the functional requirements.

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    Cornerstore document

    Functional solution design and requirements document fully defined the project scope. It facilitated estimation, development planning and integrations.

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    Core system wireframes

    Low-fidelity wireframes for the new core system outline some of the most crucial app functionalities.

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    Improved workflows

    To enable easy access to all core documentation, we’ve streamlined the process of creating vehicle records, invoices, and contracts.

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Customer testimonial
“This project with Undabot helped us structure our wishes and document our business needs. What impressed me the most was Undabot's high level of interest and engagement in discussions, along with the quality of discovery led by the Senior Backend Architect. These factors ensured that the project was set up well from the outset.”
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