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Producing software requirements specification for middleware API system of a postal company

After analyzing a postal company's challenges with their locally different APIs, we produced a thorough document listing the requirements needed to develop a converter to help integrate them into a single system.

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Middleware for unified API integration

As a leading logistics and postal services provider, Austrian Post faced difficulties with different API integrations in the nine countries they’re operating in. During our extensive development consulting process, we created a comprehensive software requirements specification document that served as the foundation for their Connexo Middleware API system.

Austrian Post Development

The initial task was to find a way to help our client overcome the challenges of integrating subsidiaries. During the discovery phase, we realized that simply unifying APIs isn’t the best solution, so we proposed to build a converter that would be able to integrate all services within a single interface.

We created the specification for a project that will ultimately ease the integration process and allow seamless parcel management, exceeding our client's expectations.


  • Austrian Post Functional Solution

    Functional solution design and requirements documentation

    We defined the project scope and produced a comprehensive document suitable for effort estimating, development planning, solution design and an RFP/tender process.

  • Austrian Post Analysis

    GAP analysis of existing API systems

    Insights gained from existing integration documentation and interviews with individual tech experts were all used for a GAP analysis of the subsidiaries’ diverse API systems.

  • Austrian Post Architecture

    High-level architecture design and documentation

    We designed and documented the optimal technical solution and its architecture, then validated its feasibility using an industry-standard tech stack.

Customer testimonial

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Undabot Office View
Customer testimonial
“Whenever we have a software development project, we can trust Undabot to deliver within our timelines and budgets — we know what they’re capable of. The final product was more than we expected; they truly came up with the best solution possible.”
Michael Boehm
Market Development Manager, Austrian Post Group
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