Nova TV

Redesign of a
leading news site

As one of the top Croatian multimedia platforms and news sites, needed a new interactive, mobile-first design. Our project delivered just that – with a stellar rise in page views.

Web excellence award
Silver Award Winner for “Website -”
Redesign of a leading news site -
Redesign of a leading news site -
Redesign of a leading news site -

Our services

  • Discovery workshop
  • UX design: information architecture
  • UX design: wireframing
  • UI design
  • Implementation oversight
  • Project management

About app

Standing out with unique design and feel-good UX is a Croatian multimedia platform and news site run by Nova TV, Croatia's first commercial TV broadcaster. Our task was to create a mobile-first design that’s sleek, intuitive, and can engage readers' attention without losing sight of the content.

Redesign of news site

Considering the rise of mobile users, our goal was to create a design that puts mobile users first, with intuitive and interactive features that keep audiences engaged and drive return visits to the site. We understand the importance of presenting content attractively but also value a clean and organized layout that enhances user experience.

To set apart from the competition, we've added new features, including specialized topics, a breaking news section, and eye-catching design elements, resulting in a complete makeover of the media platform.

Employee testimonials

Workshop session for UI presentation
“Working with the Nova TV team has been an exceptional experience! Our collaboration went smoothly, from the early workshop sessions to the final UI presentation. This has been a gratifying project with excellent measurable outcomes, seen as surge in page views.”
Jelena Matejić
Senior UX/UI Designer at Undabot


  • Opinion article formats feature on leading croatian news site

    Opinion article formats

    Providing readers with a platform for insights on current events and trending topics.

  • Integration of content from sister sites on

    Integrating content from sister sites

    All the media content from Nova TV news sites is available in one place.

  • Breaking news feature on

    Breaking news

    The immediate reporting of the most recent and significant news stories as they unfold.

  • Specialized topics feature on

    Specialized topics

    Focused and in-depth coverage of specific topics readers are currently interested in.

Customer testimonial

Undabot Office View
Undabot Office View
Customer testimonial
“The redesign of news site was a game-changer for our business. We experienced a 22% increase in page views thanks to the eye-catching features and a user-friendly interface. Undabot team's efficient weekly alignment and regular updates helped us make decisions quickly and move forward confidently. We’ve been impressed with Undabot's professionalism and expertise, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”
Maruška Vincetić
Digital Project Manager, Nova TV
Undabot Office View

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