Coca Cola

Contactless menu solution for the beverages powerhouse

The Croatian branch of Coca-Cola HBC tasked us with creating an online pricing tool for bars and restaurants. Our solution enabled a simple contactless experience, prioritizing modern user needs while staying eco-friendly and COVID-safe.

Web application development for the Coca Cola HBC Croatia
Web application development for the Coca Cola HBC Croatia
Web application development for the Coca Cola HBC Croatia
  • Discovery workshop
  • Solution design
  • SRS
  • Web application development

Scan, drink, enjoy: effortless orders

Our mission was clear - deliver a seamless, contactless menu experience for end users while streamlining the client's data management. To achieve this, we opted for simplicity and efficiency. Instead of burdening end users with app installations, we implemented QR codes that open a digital menu in the device's default browser. Behind the scenes, we integrated a user-friendly web CMS, empowering the client to consolidate and manage customer, product, and price list information in one centralized hub.

Solution design and web app development for Coca Cola HBC Croatia

Our win-win solution brough clear benefits not only for our client, but for Coca-Cola HBC’s customers and their end users. Bars and restaurants gained a simple-to-use tool that makes paper menus obsolete while ensuring a hassle-free experience for end users. And finally, it established a single source of truth for the client, enhancing maintainability and visibility across the board.

Employee testimonials

Coca Cola HBC Croatia Web App
“The COVID pandemic spurred a paradigm shift that forced us to rethink how we interact with people and our surroundings. Something as simple as going out for a coffee became a problem that had to be solved by thinking outside of the box. It was important to do things quickly and to do them right, and working together with the client we embraced the opportunity to create real magic.“
Domagoj Štrekelj
Frontend Team Lead at Undabot


  • Ready to print QR code in Coca Cola HBC Croatia Web App

    Ready-to-print QR codes

    QR codes for digital price lists, ready for print, ensure a completely contactless experience for consumers.

  • Centralized database in Coca Cola HBC Croatia Web App

    Centralized database

    A single hub streamlines operations by consolidating all vital customer information and enabling efficient management in one place.

  • Analytics report in Coca Cola HBC Croatia Web App

    A new analytics resource

    Leveraging customer and product information, the solution aggregates key data and provides valuable insights for analytical and optimization purposes.

  • Multilingual UI support in Coca Cola HBC Croatia Web App

    Multilingual UI support

    Our localization support ensures a user-friendly experience tailored to diverse linguistic preferences simplifying redistribution to other regions.

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