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News app for one of the biggest media groups in the region

As the leading Croatian newspaper and a part of Styria, one of the most prominent regional media groups, 24 sata needed a new and improved app that allows readers to access the latest news right from their pocket.

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About app

Advanced real-time news app

We gave the 24 sata iOS and Android app a fresh redesign with better interactive features, keeping in mind the needs of them and their readers. The result? An increase in the number of users, better reach, more likes, shares and subscribers and better user experience in general.

24sata Mobile App

Newspapers may be traditional media outlets, but a news app should be far from outdated. We proved that by redesigning and remaking the app to give users a platform available on a wide range of services, supporting various video formats and allowing readers to upload content by themselves.

Of course, the app is also continuously updated with content, helping users get real-time news from the country and the world.


  • 24sata News List

    News List

    A complex news list with an automatic video display, support for various video formats, advanced user interaction and feedback on content.

  • 24sata User Generated Content

    User-generated content

    Features that allow users to upload images and videos in-app.

  • 24sata Performance

    Improved performance

    Constantly optimized performance on a wide range of devices and different screen sizes.

Customer testimonial

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Undabot Office View
Customer testimonial
“Working with Undabot is not like working with a vendor. It is like working with a partner.”
Sandra Kujundžić Drašković
GM, Styria Digital Development
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