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Throughout the years, Undabot has placed a great emphasis on sharing knowledge and expertise with new IT generations. We supported students through mentoring them in a number of student competitions and by participating in various student conferences and events. This year we decided to take it up a notch and organized our first ever iOS internship conducted fully online.

Our internship program consisted of 7 lectures and 7 live coding sessions during 7 weeks through September and October 2021. Lectures included topics from iOS app lifecycle & programmatic autolayout, Architectural design patterns, Dependency management, Separation of concerns – networking to Reactive programming and Unit testing.

We asked our mentors Ivan Amidžić and Dino Guštin to share their thoughts on the internship.

“I’m quite pleased with the organization of this internship since it’s the first time we organized a program of this sort. I am sure that with the help of this year’s experience, we will be able to raise it to an even higher level next year,” said Ivan.

Both Dino and Ivan were very impressed with the base knowledge of students and their interest in iOS Development.

“Although Danijel and Marko already had a good level of knowledge, I think that this internship gave them a more detailed insight into certain practical challenges. In addition, they had the opportunity to learn completely new things such as reactive programming and testing.”


“I think they got a good basic knowledge that will help them a lot in the future, but you should really ask them that!”, added Dino, our Senior iOS Developer.

In Undabot we cherish feedback culture, therefore we asked Danijel and Marko, our iOS interns and students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb to share their thoughts about this experience.

Interns, Danijel and Marko with Dino, iOS developer, and Jeton, iOS Team Lead.

7 weeks of the internship are behind you. How would you describe your experience?

“The internship as a whole proved to be a very positive and informative experience, primarily because of the knowledge gained on application development, but also because of the general impression of working in the profession of interest,” said Danijel, a first-year master student of Computer Science at FER.

“A very useful, educational experience that I went through with the help of excellent mentors and during which I gained various skills that will help me be a better programmer,” added Marko, a graduate student of FER.

What did you learn specifically?

Marko: “I’ve learned to avoid common problems related to the MVC architecture, program reactively using Combine, use new tools like SPM and SwiftLint, and a lot of different little things that help develop iOS apps.”

“Along with this, I encountered reactive programming and deep links for the first time,” Danijel mentioned.

What was the most interesting thing you learned in this internship?

Danijel: “Reactive programming and its application in connecting interfaces to services is one of the most interesting learning units for me. In addition, through the code review process, I noticed many flaws in my code and ultimately noticed significant progress.”


Marko: “Combine and MVVM, since this is a new approach for me that I have not encountered before, and it is significantly different from what I have used so far.”

What would you single out as the best experience of the Undabot iOS internship?

Danijel: “I find the knowledge of reactive programming in iOS very useful for creating future applications and as such, this represents the best part of my internship with excellent lectures and where the lecturers were always open to discussion and supported the theory with practical examples from the profession.”

Marko: “Certificate awards! I spent most of the day meeting various people from the team, which was a very pleasant experience, and the food was good.”

What would you recommend to future interns at Undabot and to whom would you recommend an internship at Undabot?

“I would recommend the internship to anyone interested in iOS application development. The advice for the future interns – relax, ask if something is not clear because everyone is willing to help and at least take a brief look at the topic before each lecture,” advises Marko.


Encouraged by this positive experience, we will surely establish new internship programs in 2022. Applications are accepted throughout the year, so if you are interested in Web or Mobile Development and UX/UI Design, send us your CV and portfolio via e-mail jobs@undabot.com.



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