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Most reviewed software developers

We’re a technology company with extensive experience in delivering high-quality, custom made mobile and web software solutions. We believe that technology is brought to its full potential by the most talented professionals, and our team is always up for the challenge.

We’re excited to announce that we’re named among the leading technology firms on The Manifest. In the B2B platform’s latest research, we were listed as one of the highest-reviewed software developers in Croatia.


We have always been committed to helping our clients stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of the trend. Our mission since 2013 has been to support our partners at every stage of their development process for the best output. With a go-getter attitude paired with our passion for technology, we have grown to be the go-to software development partner for organizations worldwide.


“We are continuously investing in our expertise and knowledge, as we know that aiming for uncompromising quality is vital for staying on top. The culture of excellence runs deep in the company, mirrored in internal processes, precisely executed projects and premium services delivered to our clients, so we are thrilled to see our efforts awarded with positive reviews and sterling five-star ratings.”Hrvoje Kapetanović, CEO, Undabot


Our latest feedback from the Austrian Post Group is a testament to our drive. When the client came to us in 2021, they had a a challenge with their API integrations across different regions. After working closely with them and their regional subsidaries, we delivered comprehensive documentation that details what they need to do to solve their current integration problems.


“Undabot’s strength is that they’re very customer-oriented, and they have an impressive track record of developing APIs and custom software solutions for important international companies. Whenever we have a software development project, we can trust them to deliver within our timelines and budgets, and they’re always ready to do it — we know what they’re capable of.”

Michael Boehm, Market Development Manager, Austrian Post Group


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