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About the Client

Wiener Insurance is part of Vienna Insurance Group. It is one of the leading insurance companies in Croatia with more than 650 employees providing their customers with quality advice and insurance services of all types.

Our task

Design and develop a custom mobile self-care application for Wiener Insurance customers.

Business Impact

We created an app that improves experience with Wiener Insurance and enables customers to view all important information in one place and have it on the go. 


Insurance Categories

Listed services, possibilities and information related to each insurance category.

List of Policies

Customers have an overview of all their existing insurance policies.

In-App Insurance Purchase

Enabling users to buy health and travel insurance policies for themselves and others.

Health Check Ordering

Enabling users the health check ordering in the app.

Customer Relationship

Building a relationship with the customers through direct messages, personalised offers and easy to reach support centre.