A1 Telekom Austria Group

One platform for increasing revenues, decreasing the costs of customer support and improving customer experience.

Undabot created a Common Base Technology platform for A1 Telekom Austria Group that can be configured and released on multiple markets. The app is live on Belarus market, next to go live is Serbian market and preparations for 5 other markets on which A1 Telekom Austria Group is present are in the process.

Top up prepaid account

By enabling users to top up their prepaid account within the Self-service app by themselves companies are increasing their cash flows, money transactions are faster and customers are satisfied because they can do it by themselves promptly, without going to the physical store.

List of bills

Customers can easily see the status of the paid and unpaid bills and through that resolve low complexity issues within the app, by themselves. This lowers the pressure on customer support call center, lowers the expenses for customer support call center and therefore increases profits for companies.


Having a platform such as A1 Self-service Customer Care platform enables companies to create authentic customer experiences and involve the customers in the creation of the products and services that are being made precisely for them. That way, A1 Belarus customers were able to request the Widget functionality which we have implemented for them within a few weeks.

Widget is the most wanted feature requested by users. Currently used by 11.500 users

6 months after the launch:


users are using the app


users are actively using the app on a daily basis